About Us

Yoga 4 Schools promotes children’s non-spiritual yoga, fitness, relaxation and mindfulness in themed based lessons for teachers to deliver into their Physical Education, Sport or classroom settings. Our goal is to encourage teamwork, resilience, relationship building and trust while participating in physically challenging activities. Lessons will empower educators to easily instruct positive, fun and creative classes that will allow students to flourish and support a lifestyle of health and well-being. All resources are downloadable printables ready to deliver into your school setting.

Yoga is traditionally known to specifically develop strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. When following the Yoga 4 Schools program, teachers will be able to achieve so much more. Yoga 4 Schools aligns with the educational framework.

A range of other resources are also available to implement into the classroom setting. Check out the Yoga affirmation cards and Yoga posture sets which are downloadable and ready to use.

The programs have been developed by Kerryn Cormick, a qualified Health and Physical Education teacher, and Kids Yoga educator. She has a Masters in Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne and further qualifications in Mental Health.  Kerryn has been developing resources in a number of sporting activities since 1996 for key organisations including Gymnastics Australia and Sport Australia (Australian Sports Commission).  She has been a popular presenter at the ACHPER (Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation) State, National and International teacher conferences since 2000, and continues to educate teachers to promote health and fitness in non-competitive and participation activities.  Kerryn looks forward to presenting again at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in the USA in the future.