Kids Yoga Posture Cards


Kigs Yoga Posture Cards

Ages: 3 to 16 years

Yoga 4 Schools delivers quality resources for Physical Education, Sport and Classroom teachers.
These 60 beautifully designed kids yoga posture cards will add value and creativity into your lessons.
Print out the cards and laminate.
Each set has 10 yoga posture cards. There are 6 sets to collect.
Great value for a printable download giving long term use.

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Product Description

These beautifully designed kids yoga cards will add value and creativity into your lessons. Each set has 10 cards. They print out on A4 paper and have 2 cards per page. We recommend to cut the cards into A5 size and laminate using matching A5 pockets. This enables the finished product to have rounded edges. The cards come with Key Coaching Points for better understanding by students on how to work towards correct technique.

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There are 60 cards in total to collect.

Check the sets out below:

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

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Additional information

Pose Cards Set 1

Cards include: Aeroplane, Angry Cat, Elephant, Flamingo, Goat, Happy Cat, Hare, Horse, Plank, Pola Bear.

Pose Cards Set 2

Cards include: Bridge, Bunny Hops, Candle, Chair, Merman, Mountain, Parrot, Pigeon, Snow Angel, Spider.

Pose Cards Set 3

Cards include: Bicycle, Boat, Butterfly, Butterfly Wings, Crow, Dancer, Puppy Dog, Ragdoll, Sandcastle, Sandwich.

Pose Cards Set 4

Cards Include: Bat, Bear Walks, Crab, Crescent Moon, Donkey Kicks, Down Dog, Frog, Giraffe, Rock, Rock the Baby.

Pose Cards Set 5

Cards Include: Disco Cat, Dolphin, Kingdom, Knot, Lion, Lizard, Rainbow, Relaxation, Tree, Turtle.

Pose Cards Set 6

Cards Include: Cobra, Cow Face, Dragonfly, Eagle, Magic Carpet, Shark, Slide, Surfer (Warrior 2), Tiger.

Pose Card Sets

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